October 1, 2020

Must Read Manno And More…

By Bellwether

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Bruno Manno:

Today, America is encountering challenges and opportunities not at all dissimilar to those it encountered roughly a century ago. Today, as in the early 20th century, there is growing demand for a new sort of worker, one who possesses new and different skills from those that were most essential just a generation ago. Today, as then, rapid social, economic, and technological changes are transforming the way personal and professional relationships are made and maintained. And today, as before, savvy educators and activists are learning to adapt school structures and curricula to better prepare their students to work and live in modern society.

A small number of programs in recent years have demonstrated what real progress in these areas can look like. Our education system, however, is in need of reform far more substantial in scope than anything these programs have achieved. Building on the achievements accomplished on the margins, advocates and policymakers must seek to replicate those successes on a larger scale by applying the lessons learned to public, charter, and private schools around the country as well as to the private sector.

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