March 28, 2016

No More High Stakes For Character Education? Still Plenty Of Security. Jason Weeby, Leslie Kan, Chad Aldeman, Whitmire, Kane, And Reville. Student Voice And Teen Robots! Plus More…

By Bellwether

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More security officers than counselors in a lot of school districts.

Now you tell us! Angela Duckworth says the field is abusing her ideas:

As a social scientist researching the importance of character, I was heartened. It seemed that the narrow focus on standardized achievement test scores from the years I taught in public schools was giving way to a broader, more enlightened perspective.

These days, however, I worry I’ve contributed, inadvertently, to an idea I vigorously oppose: high-stakes character assessment. New federal legislation can be interpreted as encouraging states and schools to incorporate measures of character into their accountability systems. This year, nine California school districts will begin doing this.

File under: those awful tests and that controversial school choice…still the worst way to do accountability – except for all the others.

Student voice from TNTP. Paul Reville on using the third semester to combat rather than exacerbate inequality.

Jason Weeby asks if there is a God. Actually, he just wonders what is innovation? Bellwether pension analysts on California’s back-loaded teacher retirement system. Chad Aldeman on ESSA accountability rhetoric and reality. Chad also talks with Christy Hovanetz about designing rating systems for schools.

And Chad and Leslie Kan on teacher pension inequities. 

New Dep’t of Education report on college and low-income students (pdf). Hamilton Project looks at education context and some key issues (pdf).

Whitmire: What makes Brooke tick? Tom Kane on how common assessments can empower rather than contain state leaders.

Here’s some interesting information on Ohio Governor Kasich’s education record that will have no bearing on the election.

Although I’m not sure just mocking anti-Common Core types is the best strategy – this video is pretty funny.

If you want to understand consumer trends – and they influence education, too – you can do worse than look at coffee.  Mass and standardized are out, boutiquey and authentic feeling are in. Sound familiar?

Judges knock controversial desegregation policy proposal in MN. Lead is a problem in places beyond Flint and Newark. Chicago teachers’ strike plan b. With bonus furloughs!  State chiefs and early childhood education. The battle over algebra! Ah the neighborhood school….so romantic….or not says Century Foundation.

Apropos of nothing this is a lovely op-ed.

AI is coming to education. What could possibly go wrong?

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