September 28, 2021

Odds & Ends: Bellwether On Overlooked Kids Falling Through The Cracks, MN Reads, Hite Exits, Busy SCOTUS, Space Face…

By Bellwether

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If there is a theme to recent Bellwether field facing work it’s “overlooked.” We released a publication estimating the number of students overlooked by school systems right now. Our new 50 state pension ranking looks at a really overlooked issue – teacher retirement.

And now, today, we’re releasing a new website on students who are lost because of systems fragmentation. Check out Lost By Design here. And here’s a tool kit with ways we can do better.

Look, none of this is causing people to pack school board meeting. But issues like this matter to how people live their lives.

Speaking of places we can do better and look closer, high achieving low-income students often fall through the cracks. This report from Fordham is important and seems structural, systemic, or whatever you want to call it.

Elsewhere, Bill Hite had a great run in Philadelphia. Urban sup’ts don’t have to be two or three and out. Thoughtful school leader.

Here’s a good overview of education aspects of the Supreme Court docket.

And here are some parents protesting reading, it’s not a trend but not a one-off either.

There is an almost total lunar eclipse coming up this fall. Get up, out, and see it, and in the meantime listen here. 

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