September 30, 2015

Rodriguez Revisited, Duncan On Prisons, Carrying On About Carried Interest, Quality Problems With Ohio Charters And NCLB Reporting, ISAs and Bus Elevators!

By Bellwether

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The Rodriguez case might be the most important SCOTUS education case you’ve never learned about. This new HEP book revisits the case and its implications – that still matter a great deal today.

Arne Duncan is wading into a complicated issue here. Not sure this framing is going to help. But the issue of discipline and police in schools is something leaders should talk about and it’s good that he’s putting it on the table. Not sure how much we’ll hear about this line from critics:

There are lots of ways to go about this, and ultimately, local leaders and educators will know what’s best for their community.

LA charter school expansion plan picks up a key backer.

“Carried interest” gets play in our sector because it has something to do with hedge fund managers, and we like to argue about hedge fund managers. So much, actually, that lots of finance types who aren’t even actually hedge fund managers have that label applied to them. But while carried interest might be lousy tax policy and could be fixed in a future tax bill, it’s basically a sideshow. There are some other big tax issues that have a lot more consequence for education policy over the long term.

Lisa Hansel with a crucial personalized learning caution. Ohio’s charter sector sucks. So their recent federal award is getting some scrutiny. More on that here. As with most of these, the review process could come with a Surgeon General’s warning…Apparently there is confirmation bias in NCLB reporting. Who knew? Common Core is a three-ring political circus. Income-share agreements have some problems.

Going to the woods, but not like Thoreau. Bus elevators are happening.

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