May 31, 2017

School Choice In Theory And Classrooms, Leaving Teaching, SFER Survey, Odd Couples On Vouchers, Transgender Court Win, Losing Teachers, Gaining Home Value, Cami Anderson, Raj Chetty, More!

By Bellwether

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Lynne Graziano on the hard choices about leaving or staying in the classroom.

Make sure to start your day at TopSheet to get a jump on the key education news around the sector.

CRPE on school choice markets in theory and in practice.

Department of odd couples: Jonah Edelman and Randi Weingarten on vouchers and the Trump Administration.

When the Trump Administration rescinded the Obama Administration’s transgender guidance many assumed it was the end on that issue for a while. In practice, however, it didn’t change the facts on the ground a great deal. States and/or districts are free to set their own policies and this is an issue, as the President is learning on a few issues, that will end up settled in the courts. Yesterday transgender advocates won a big victory in the federal courts. 

SFER surveyed first generation college students. Well worth checking out.

What are states doing to attract teachers? AIR takes a look at early ESSA plans. Do charter schools bump property values? Georgia State’s Center for State and Local Finance on that (pdf).

David Leonhardt on leaders and laggards on expanding higher education access for low-income students.

Tyler Cowen talks with Raj Chetty. Chalkbeat checks-in on Cami Anderson’s new project.

Sandy Kress recaps the Texas legislative session on schools – and is cautiously optimistic.

Emma Brown on the four-day school week in OK. ExcelinEd takes a look at the finance implications with more competency-based learning. 

This is an important piece by Marc Dunkleman that also makes you think about how we approach our schools is an age of disconnectedness and efficiency.

“There’s a shark in me boat!”

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