December 12, 2016

Screen Time! Segregation In Schools, Rural Education, Ending The “Federal” Common Core, Fenty On Race (And Not The One You Think), Brown On Choice, CAP On Accty, Outward Bound, To Be Clear…

By Bellwether

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Scroll down the page for several edujobs.

Marnie Kaplan on screen time and little kids:

You walk by an outdoor restaurant and see a toddler watching a movie on an iPad while his parents eat dinner. Your first thought is:

  • a) those parents deserve a break
  • b) screens don’t belong at meal time
  • c) is the video educational?
  • d) alert: bad parenting

Is there an app to help us decide how to respond? No. But a quorum of pediatricians might be able to help…

Matt Barnum on school segregation. Actual nuance!

President-elect Trump wants to end the “federal” Common Core. His choice for Secretary of Education is on board. But there really isn’t much of a federal role in Common Core. The funding that was used to create incentives for states to adopt Common Core or similar standards is done. The new ESSA law goes in a new direction. States are making their own decisions here anyway about standards and tests. The assessment consortia are doing their own thing. So, doesn’t that leave Trump two choices: (a) Take some fake actions against what is at this point a fake problem and put the politics behind him (e.g. “on my first day in office I issued an executive order ending the federal Common Core)” or (b) taking actual steps to do something on Common Core that would inadvertently entangle the federal government further in curricular decisions?

Two interesting looks at rural America. Here’s a look at some demographic information from Atlantic City Lab. One thing that jumps out is housing ownership. This strikes me as an overlooked/under-leveraged tool for teacher recruiting and retention to rural areas. Housing tax-credits or other incentives are one way to leverage rural aspects and encourage people to build a life and teach in communities that are struggling to attract or keep teachers. Also here’s a look at how Google rolls in heavy to one Oklahoma town. And ICYMI here’s a Bellwether analysis released last week about charter facilities in Idaho – rural impact.

These are interesting times for the school reform community (you can define them loosely as all the people who don’t think that nine percent of low-income kids getting through college by age 24 is an OK outcome). President-elect Trump might do school choice, he might also do a lot of things that divide people. Here’s the tendentious and reductionist take on what’s going on, and here’s Emma Brown with some texture on a complicated basket of issues and questions.

Michelle Fenty on her sons, race, and policing. I am really starting to think that Catherine Brown doesn’t like Betsy DeVos. CAP on new accountability indicators.

Cops, kids, and a ropes course. You’ll never believe what happened next…

People are earning less than their parents, that’s a problem.

“To be clear” statement of the day: “To be clear, there is no indication that the bear in the video is the one that ate a dog, or that the dog in the video is the dog that was eaten.”

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