June 16, 2020

Send In The Counselors! Bradford, Brookins, Robinson, Plus What’s In A Charter Word?

By Bellwether

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Last week I took a look at police in schools and why just showing them the door is not a complete reform – especially if it’s the shell game of bringing in private security instead. Rather, the work is changing how schools think about students and culture and one group who can help with that is counselors.

NBPTS’ Peggy Brookins’ on being a black teacher today.

Derrell Bradford on why “all lives matter” in education means the sector’s long-standing issues still won’t be addressed.

Filmmaker Diane Robinson, who has worked in and around the ed sector for years, on what she thinks it will take to create change.

Stephen Carter on fighting for racial justice and the free exchange of ideas.

Charter schools are getting PPP money! Well not actually the schools but affiliated non-profits The Times reports:

Although they are independently run, they operate as part of local school districts, do not charge tuition and are open to all students, albeit through lotteries. Like traditional public schools, they generally receive per-pupil funding from their districts, and as such, they were eligible to receive a share of billions of dollars in relief that Congress allocated to public education.

But because a vast majority are run by nonprofit companies, they also qualified for the Paycheck Protection Program.

Does that land a little different if it says instead:

“But because many have affiliated non-profit organizations those organizations also qualified for the Paycheck Protection Program.”

It might! But people saying company have a lot of company for obvious reasons.

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