October 5, 2015

Sports, Being Sport For Chad Aldeman, Bad Charters, Suburban Charters, And Duncan Transition. Ranch To Do Lists…

By Bellwether

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If you are going to take on Chad Aldeman over some issue, at least do your homework first.

RiShawn Biddle says the AFT is slowly going broke. If he’s right about this pre-Fredrich’s, then they’ll have a huge problem on their hands if that ruling doesn’t go their way. Whitmire says bad charters could derail education reform so I guess they can hope for that.

Also, today in unsurprising but nonetheless important education news.

Laura McKenna on charters the suburbs. Jay Greene on regulation and school choice.

There is a lot to this issue of the distortion of youth sports. It’s hard to miss how countries with more of a “play as you can” culture around youth sports have a healthier adult culture around sports.

Teachers disproportionately teach close to home. Turns out you want bond analysts who are homers, too  (h/t Money Stuff).

On Friday I discussed some takeaways from Arne Duncan’s transition. Guess what? What people think about it largely mirrors what bunker they’re in! Lemons and lemonade, or stopping the bleeding, or some metaphor: Randi Weingarten Friday, “disappointed” in John King pick for Ed Secretary. This morning, “King could surprise us all” by being a different leader than Duncan. “There’s a lot of people around him that have said they trust he’s going to do something different.”

There are a lot of things to do on a ranch.

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