August 17, 2015

St. Louis Fed On College, Two Studies On NOLA, NLRB On NCAA F’Ball Unions, Waldron On CEOs, Bogus Stats, New Teachers, And More!

By Bellwether

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Important story in The Times about a new Federal Reserve study on race/ethnicity and college attainment and wealth. Classic ‘two things true at once’ issue. College is a great social mobility strategy for minorities and lower-income Americans but it’s also not a surefire way to address a host of other current and historical issues.

Three yards and a cloud of lawyers: National Labor Relations Board knocks down the union drive for athletes at Northwestern. It was these questions about how to make unionization work in the at once Balkanized but also common playing field world of college sports that derailed things.

NSNO on the New Orleans school story (pdf). Doug Harris on the same.

Curriculum Associates* CEO Rob Waldron talks about new ways to think about evaluating the CEO role and the net promoter question part of his compensation is tied to.  Karen von Klahr discusses supporting new teachers.

And here I thought the last Chicago teachers strike was about politics (The next one will be because the Cubs are doing OK so why not extend summer a little, right?).

Sandy Kress is blogging! This story about a bogus higher ed stat is illustrative in a few ways, none of them good.

*Former BW client.

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