September 22, 2020

Student Voice, Props To CA, Breathe In The Air…History Debate, Dual Credit, More…

By Bellwether

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Here’s some student voice.

Max Boot on the critical middle ground on the increasingly strident history debate.

Air quality. An article questioning HVAC as a Covid mitigation strategy, with implications for schools. And here’s one asking questions about why we are not focusing on air more. Consumer version here.

Two statewide referendums in California with educaiton implications – a split roll tax plan and a rollback of the state’s affirmative action ban. Both seem to be in trouble given where they are polling but California voters will be energized and mobilized this year.

Does dual credit have education’s perennial quality versus quantity problem?

Unexpected online learning byproduct: Fire safety.

Happy fall!

Breathe in the air.

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