November 23, 2021

Student Voice…And Good News On Pensions? More…

By Bellwether

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Coming attractions: I’m hosting a Twitter discussion for the WISE Education Summit next Tuesday morning. Twitter may not be a real place, pace Dave Chappelle, but I’ll be there.

How are kids doing anyway? Well, ask them.

On academics, though, they may not be doing so well. This new analysis of learning loss is sobering. It didn’t get a lot of attention in the after action discussion about the Virginia election but student test scores went off a cliff in Virginia. Parents were concerned. But that concern was largely minimized. The election didn’t turn on that, of course, but it was probably part of the background noise.

And here’s some student voice on high school sports with some interesting findings. That’s via the Aspen Institute’s Project Play. Our frame on sports is very much about playing sports rather than sports as something you do. Europeans will ask, “what sport do you do?”It’s more than semantics, something you play versus do signals a different relationship with being active and moving doesn’t it?

Parkland was preventable. Multiple, preventable, failures in the schools and more generally.

Could some teacher pensions find themselves in a liquidity crunch? But wait, good news! Teachers don’t seem that concerned about any of this. If you missed it or are concerned, we ranked teacher retirement plans earlier in the fall. There is some good news in the rankings.

Forever Young.

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