December 21, 2015

Sushi Oppression! LGBT On Campus, Income Gaps In Higher Ed, School Closings, WA State Cribbing, NAACP On Testing, And Chocolate Scams

By Bellwether

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Lindsey Graham is leaving the presidential race. This has absolutely no bearing on education policy.

All the education news links you need curated right here.

Fusion food is now the face of oppression at Oberlin. Aren’t there a lot of working class kids in Ohio would suffer through lousy sushi and steamed General Tso’s chicken for a high-end education? Okay, that’s a little unfair because the Oberlin menu apparently sucks in other ways, too, and the Banh mi sandwich is more or less a war crime because of its crummy bun. So this is a widespread struggle. Basically, this covers it.

Meanwhile, in actual higher ed problems there is an enormous income gap at America’s elite schools that should worry those concerned about social mobility. And the rights of LGBT students at schools that take federal dollars are colliding with religious freedom concerns in ways that may not be transparent to students. This issue, incidentally, would make a hell of a debate question during the general election next year. But isn’t it discouraging to see an accomplished organization like the Human Rights Campaign so focused on LGBT rights at a time when elite students are being forced to eat soggy General Tso’s chicken and sandwiches on bad buns?

Elsewhere, naming problems with Paul Smith’s College (which is one of the most beautifully situated colleges you will ever visit).

Washington State’s supreme court was at least efficient in striking down the state’s charter statute. Why duplicate work? Today in less policy oriented school closing news.

Can Noodle help rationalize and improve ed purchasing? The words innovation and ed tech are becoming synonymous but there are plenty of innovations that can change lives but just require people to get off the dime. NAACP’s Hilary Shelton on testing. Love for Raimondo in RI.

Chocolate problems. Mammoths coming soon?

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