March 10, 2016

Talking With Kids About Trump, The Case For Hooky, Ed Trust On Higher Ed, Tisch on NY, Kingsland On Listening, Hettleman On Baltimore, Whitman And Ostriches, Plus More!

By Bellwether

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The Times looks at how to talk to kids about Trump. It’s a real issue. One of my daughters asked me last night if a Trump win meant some of her friends would be forced to leave the country – and she’s right to worry if you take what he’s said at face value. The Times looks at some of the rhetoric and the inappropriate tenor of the debate but there is another issue: I don’t want my kids to be scared of their president.

In a lot of circles (but be careful of over-generalizations or assumptions about who Trump voters are) people can’t stop talking about the awfulness of Trump etc…and kids are hearing that at social events, various conversations, and at school.  Trump’s surely not my cup of tea but, should he win, I also don’t want my kids to be scared of their president. Yes, I think a Trump win would be the wrong direction for the country, but maybe check some of the stronger rhetoric in the presence of little people? It’s a balancing act if you don’t want to countenance what he’s saying but also don’t want young kids stressed about who might be their next president. Operative word is “their,” that’s what you sign up for in our system of government. I’d also like for them to have some reasonableness and lack of stridency in how they think about politics. Not an easy balancing act for parents…

Also today I wrote about absenteeism for USN.  I get the importance of getting kids into school but am not sure getting them out of school isn’t actually more important:

So rather than just fret over absenteeism, let’s encourage it. But in a more structured way that works for all kids and changes rather than buttresses our current educational arrangements. All the kids missing school – whatever the reason and whatever they’re doing – they’re telling us something if we stop to listen.

Education Trust launching a new network to improve minority college graduation rates. Pushing and shoving on online tests. Tisch reflects on New York education.  Kalman Hettleman on the elected/appointed board debate in Baltimore. Neerav Kingsland on the importance of listeningEsquire with a parent’s eye view of a troubled teen.  Employer sponsored quality assurance in higher education? Is AP American education’s biggest success story? This Chicago news seems like a problem. Censorship in Virginia.

Heather Wilhelm:

Unfortunately, in its earnest quest for female empowerment, America—never quite good at moderation, and always quite good at fighting the last battle—is quietly and methodically marginalizing boys.

“I always encourage the men to write, and promptly write for them,”  And ostrich chases cyclists.

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