November 9, 2015

This Field Is Undisciplined! And, Elect The Missouri Football Team To Something…

By Bellwether

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Apparently there are some educational challenges in LA. Word is Democrats are dodging the thorny K-12 education issues on the campaign trail. Really? They must want to win or something.

Randi Weingarten goes mea culpa on zero tolerance discipline policies. Stay tuned for how that lands with actual teachers (and parents). Pondiscio on the same issue here.

Free speech at Yale. Actual issues, strategy, and action at Missouri. University president now resigning. There is a juxtaposition here between these two episodes and it’s not a flattering one for the elite institutions (though in fairness, there is also football “If we were 9-0, this wouldn’t be happening.”)  Still, to borrow from William Buckley I think I might prefer being ruled by the first names on the Mizzou football team roster than…Anyway…the Missouri football team seems to have a better sense of how to  operate the levers of power than the Yalies who are presumably bound for positions of power…

Matt Barnum sticks up for SIG. Zuckerberg on Newark. Here is Doug Harris on NOLA education via a recent talk at UVA.

Bucking up middle schools.

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