December 19, 2017

Three Edujobs – @ Seton Education Partners, Fellowships & Blended Learning

By Bellwether

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Here are three roles at Seton Education Partners (and this is half a job posting and half an update on some interesting work so even if you’re not looking for a new job these are worth checking out):

Seton Catholic School Leader Fellowship:

Looking for a higher calling? Launch a new urban Catholic K-8 school of excellence in Cleveland or Milwaukee. Seton Education Partners seeks faith-filled, mission-driven, results-oriented leaders to participate in a yearlong training program to prepare for launching and leading a new urban Catholic school of excellence. We are looking for dynamic educators who have achieved strong academic results with their students and want to dramatically increase their reach. We seek motivated entrepreneurs who want to start a school from the ground up—a school that helps underserved children develop the virtue, knowledge, and skills necessary to earn a college degree and live well in this world and the next.

Brilla School Leader Fellowship:

Seton Education Partners is launching a new network of K-8 public charter schools in underserved neighborhoods where traditional Catholic schools are being closed. Co-founded in 2009 by KIPP Foundation pioneer Scott W. Hamilton and Teach for America alumna Stephanie Saroki de García, Seton is a response to the dramatic decline of urban Catholic schools in America, which have served the economically disadvantaged so well for decades. With a focus on results, Seton is committed to ensuring that children develop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to earn a college degree and pursue lives of value, faith, and integrity.

In 2013, Seton launched Brilla College Prep in the Mott Haven neighborhood of the South Bronx. Brilla, which means “shine” in Spanish, has achieved academic growth results that parallel the nation’s strongest charter schools. Alongside Brilla, Seton launched El Camino, an optional, extended day Catholic faith formation program. Seton now seeks to take these remarkable achievements to scale by helping to launch and manage a network of Brilla schools and El Camino extended day programs, to ensure that thousands of underserved children whose Catholic schools close—and other local children—have access to an academically superior, character-building, and faith-nurturing education. This network will serve as a national model for how other cities facing the shuttering of Catholic schools can continue to serve the poor.

Blended Learning Manager:

The Seton Blended Learning Network is an innovative thirteen school, seven city blended learning network driven by resultssmart collaboration, and character formation that serves over 3,250 students, 98% of whom are minorities and over two-thirds of whom qualify for the federal meals program. Our model employs a mixture of technology, creative problem-solving, game-changing “no excuses” school culture, and nationwide sharing of best practices. As our early results show, this approach can help Catholic schools continue their social justice mission of providing character-building, opportunity-equalizing, and faith-forming education for children most in need. The program has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Education Week, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Hechinger Report. To learn more you can watch our new video, read an overview of the model, view the results, look at the profiles of current Network schools, and check out our FAQ.

Our Results. Since joining the network, Seton Blended Learning schools have seen climbing enrollment, reduced per pupil costs, and improved student achievement. Scholars at Seton Blended Learning schools grow 1.2 times faster than the national average in math and 1.3 times faster in reading, demonstrating growth on-par with or outpacing that of many high-performing charter networks. Furthermore, Seton Blended Learning Network schools will realize a 20% operating cost reduction in year two and beyond, thus increasing the viability and showing the way for scores of other financially struggling Catholic schools to do the same. Click here to read more about the Network’s results.

About this Job. Site Managers are responsible for on-site implementation of Seton’s blended learning and culture model by supporting classroom teachers as they make the transition to data-driven blended educators. They maintain high expectations for themselves and their scholars, are organized, have a passion for coaching, and treat all scholars and colleagues with respect. Site Managers are resilient, believe in tenacity, embrace innovation, exhibit vigor, and strive for excellence. Prior experience with blended learning is not required, but talent and a desire to develop college-bound scholars and saints is mandatory. This is a full-time position with set outcomes and flexible hours set by the team member. The Site Manager reports to the Director of the Seton Blended Learning Network.

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