May 10, 2017

TopSheet! Kang On Immigration, Wagner On Love, Petrilli On Hess, Nathan On Charters, Plus Charter Inequities, LIFO, First Gen Scholarships In OH, Campus Life, More!

By Bellwether

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Teacher memories via Bellwether. 

Good news for everyone freaked about a Trump school choice bill or tax credit plan – or much of Trump’s agenda for that matter. This Comey firing makes meaningful legislation more unlikely. I suspect the results of an anonymous poll of education sector special interests asking if they preferred constitutional crisis to vouchers might be horrifying.

Mark Walsh writes up TopSheet and calls me old. If you missed it yesterday TopSheet is a new daily news curator and aggregator. Morning newsletter with highlights and main page with curated news.

Powerful from Hanseul Kang on immigration status and schools. Ken Wagner’s state of the state of education speech in Rhode Island. Somewhat different notes that what you hear in some of the hype about Rhode Island. Tough fiscal times in Puerto Rico.

Mike Petrilli pushes back on Rick Hess.

Google – Apple – and Amazon battling for the school market.

Joe Nathan, an important voice in the charter sector since it’s earliest days, pushes back on tests in charter school evaluations and calls for accountability innovation.

New analysis on charter school funding inequities from University of Arkansas. Important context in the charter debate.  We took a look at this a few years ago at Bellwether.

Today in unfired government officials. Also this happened.

If only editorial boards voted we wouldn’t be having a debate about LIFO.

Interesting early look at instructor effectiveness in higher education. Conor Friedersdorf on social media and campus life.  Ohio town thinking about creating scholarships for first-gen students.

Creepy clown house.

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