April 20, 2017

Trinity Lutheran, Pass The SALT? Race And Teaching, Campus Debate & Free Speech, ESSA Plans, Duncan Interviews, Plus Let It Snow! More…

By Bellwether

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Amy Howe recaps the Trinity Lutheran arguments at SCOTUS. 74 had a reporter there, too.

President Trump’s team is making noise about going after the state and local tax deductions on federal income taxes. It’s a potential pay-for on tax cuts elsewhere.  This would have both interesting and problematic implications for education finance if it got through Congress.

Here’s a real – candid and unvarnished – interview from Marilyn Rhames that’s well worth your time. Agree or disagree it’s the kind of conversation the field should be having. Brent Staples on some of the same issues.

Here’s a solid smart unpacking of campus speech flash points and the difference between government regulated speech and regulated speech in private settings. Conor Friedersdorf on why, regardless of whether you can, suppressing campus speech is self-defeating.

Via Robin Lake a useful caution on how personalized learning can be one size fits all, too.

Arne Duncan interview. He sees the SIG situation differently than many…

State ESSA plans – turns of it’s not quite anything goes….some are getting bounced.

SEL strategies in the ESSA world. You can quibble with the methodology of this survey but there is not a lot out there on views on CTE – so here is some survey and focus group work (pdf).

It snowed a lot in California this winter. Forceful prom dates.

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