April 10, 2017

Truth In Local Control Labeling, BAs For Early Ed, Eugene Lang, DeVos Security, Choice, Race And Ed, LA Election, Baby Eels! And More…

By Bellwether

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Sara Mead on training for early-childhood educators. Not everyone agrees on upgrading credentials to B.A.s or the strength of the evidence-base.

Andrew Cuomo gets the inside track in the Bernie Bros primary.

Eugene Lang – who not only sparked a foundation he sparked a trend and a set of policy ideas – has passed:

Albert Shanker, the president of the American Federation of Teachers at the time, observed: “Lang put up a lot more than money. He put himself on the line, too.”

A change in how Washington, D.C. accounts for runaways set of alarms that there was a spike in black girls running away. That wasn’t the case. But this isn’t just a story of instrumentality and hysteria,  Stacey Patton unpacks the episode and some underlying issues. 

Everyone chirping about the cost of Betsy DeVos’ security arrangements. But shouldn’t this, buried in the article, be the greater concern?

The [US Marshals] said it has determined that a threat to DeVos’s safety exists, but declined to describe the nature or intensity of that threat.

This is education so – whatever you happen to think of Betsy DeVos and I’ll be the first to say she hasn’t inspired confidence or offered much of a vision so far – that’s a sad state of affairs.

Speaking of the Trump administration here’s an interesting story: The Justice Department, under its new management, wants to revisit an Obama-era reform agreement that the Baltimore Police Department entered into after a federal investigation into police abuse there. Yet the police leadership, city leadership, and even the governor would rather just implement the reforms already agreed to. A court just agreed with the locals officials. Not an education story really but an excellent reminder that, right or left, “local control” or “I defer to what local communities want” should usually come with an asterisk that says “*when what they’re doing happens to comport with my views.”

Last week I mentioned that choice keeps spreading, that’s true overall but Texas is an interesting exception.

Can our sector discuss race and education productively?

Inside the contentious LA school board race, what’s Steve Zimmer doing?

Discord at iconic school. Hidden figures and NAEP.

Baby eel smuggling.  Jane Pauley feature with Joe Bonamassa at 13.

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