September 18, 2015

Tupac On Education, Pennington On WA, Planes & Subways, Sara Mead Will Get You A Charter School Date This Weekend! Plus Student Tied Flies…

By Bellwether

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Sound smart this weekend by working these seven charter school facts into your game, thanks to Sara Mead.

Who ate what? When? $200,000 is a lot of Subway. This is an easy target. But I’d be interested in some comparable data, Chicago Public Schools are a labor-heavy $5.7 billion concern (and that’s just operating budget). What do similar ventures pay for employee food? I don’t expect my employees to brown bag their professional development sessions…and when we do workshops with teachers we spring for lunch. All that said, there really are a lot of healthier options in Chicago than this…

Economist, Clark medal winner, McArthur fellow, and serious empiricist Roland Fryer is going to be a board of education member – so good. He’s the real deal. Also, seems like pay-per-view revenue opportunities now abound for Massachusetts around its board meetings? MA has a tradition of serious and iconoclastic board members, this guy would explode heads in most states…

Kaitlin Pennington on teacher evaluation and Seattle – and implications. Whitmire and I take a look at WA charter implications.

There is a student at Western Albemarle High School in Crozet, Virginia (Go Warriors!) who has launched his own fly fishing business. Email me offline if you want to be connected.

Via Bellwether, here’s Tupac on education.

This whole charter debate is so much less bonkers with evidence.  Obvious solution to spice it up? More airplanes!

People are now talking about this…Washington Post attention today, too…Seems like there is some bad history here (at this school, not just in general…) and the school administrators are on the right side of Tinker so far.

Scroll down this page for some edujobs and for Dan Weisberg, Adair Bard, Patrick McGuinn, and others with fish.

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