March 16, 2016

Upward Mobility, College Costs, Grading Parents, Harvard And Vouchers, Badgers And Music!

By Bellwether

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Mike Petrilli is trying to make education policy great again. OK, he’s trying to figure out a conservative education agenda. New book out and an event today about it.  On education “If Donald Trump is President you’re going to be very happy.” Or perhaps not.

Breakdown of the Sanders higher education plan. What the candidates are saying about Social Security.

New America analyzes college costs and low-income students.  Meanwhile, there is $253 billion in 529 accounts…more here (pdf).

Rick Hess on bias in the academy. Are New York City’s charter schools working? Are they working more generally? Marcus Winters takes a look at RCE. Grading Mississippi’s parent grading idea.

Ginsburg and Smith on RCT shortcomings.  STEM and wages. Big tax credits! Back in the day when Harvard was a school voucher hotbed.

Marilyn Rhames:

While prayer and faith are not typically on white, liberal ed reformers’ radars, it is a significant pathway to reach African-American and Latino communities that reformers seek to help.

Long New Yorker look at the bad fit between sex offender registries and youthful “offenders.”

Big shark. (With an education angle). Badger music.

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