November 11, 2015

Veterans, Pennington, Teach Strong, Personalized, LA Charters, EQUIP, NAEP, & Mark Zuckerberg, Education Blogger

By Bellwether

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Veterans and pensions.  More Bellwether on veterans here: Their role in our conversations about diversity.

Higher ed reading list: A piece of football activism history on campus.  A look at how illiberal efforts to address genuine issues can quickly become.  Chait on the same issue.

Third Way asks if Teach Strong can unite Democrats? Pennington frames the questions in USN. More value add debate. Pennington wants nuance!

Charters are controversial in Los Angeles. But calling this the “Broad” plan doesn’t seem quite right, others are involved. But it does create a nice target for opponents.

Ben Wallerstein and Bart Epstein on EQUIP. Checker Finn urges caution on NAEP revisions.

Mark Zuckerberg is two-thirds of the way to being an education blogger. He takes a look at personalized learning in this installment. Also Gates and RAND on personalized learning. A look at what teachers want.

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