May 27, 2015

What’s Working In Texas? New York Commish, Measured On Charters, Inequality, Philanthropy, More!

By Bellwether

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Two takes on what is working in Texas: Politico says Houston, Richard Whitmire says high-performing charters.

You can go home again!

Taking on a big challenge: Emily Esfahani Smith defends fraternities.

The New York Times looks at blacks and middle class public sector jobs – big education overlays.

Public Agenda and the Spencer Foundation are trying to bring some seriousness to the charter school debate.

An interesting indicator of how political our education debates are is that when you change the names of things it suddenly defuses the controversy – more people OK with public money for private school tuition than are on-board with “vouchers” and Common Core-like math in non-Common Core states doesn’t spark the same firestorm. 5-3 takes a look at that issue with science standards.

A lot of grumbling around the education sector from all sides in the ed reform debate about how rich people choose to spend their dollars in education, even where you disagree worth pointing out it’s a good problem to have:

“It’s not inexpensive,” Mr. Rosen said. “You stay until the neighborhood no longer needs you.” But, he added, there are a lot of wealthy people with the resources to do the same thing if they choose.

Clive Crook on our inequality debate –last few grafs have education implications.

 ICYMI  – Illinois’ pension system is a mess.  But this is a story that will make you feel good.

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