October 8, 2015

When Public Is Private?

By Bellwether

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Among the things that make education such a compelling and interesting issue is all the ironies. In U.S. News & World Report I take a look at one: In public education it seems like privately held companies have a better run of it:

In the education world, “public” is the thing. We idealize public schools. People who work in public education but send their children to private schools are often quietly – or not so quietly – judged by their peers (even as those peers sometimes quietly make the same choices). Many of today’s educational flashpoints are about how to maintain the “publicness” of public education as its delivery becomes increasingly diverse.

But when education technology behemoth Amplify announced last week it was being sold by News Corp and being taking private by a group of investors and employees, it became the latest example of a previously successful private education company encountering trouble when it became a public company…

You can read the entire thing here at USN. I don’t invest in education companies but tweet reactions and other stock tips to @arotherham.

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