November 16, 2015

Whitmire & Clinton On Charters, Bradford V. Weingarten, Campus Issues, Teacher Shortages, Philosopher Welders!

By Bellwether

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Whitmire on charters and hornets nests. He makes a point we made in the Bellwether slide deck on charters, the growth means charters and districts are going to be bumping into each other more for good or ill.

More Hillary Clinton charter fallout (which is almost entirely irrelevant after Paris). Wash Post editorial board here. Matt Barnum with a measured walk through of a statement that while problematic wasn’t entirely off-base.

We’re getting reports that Derrell Bradford didn’t like Randi Weingarten’s recent op-ed on charter schools and school discipline.

This is revolting.

Michael Dannenberg on campus unrest.

Seems like philosopher welders are going to be easier to find than philosopher kings? Phillip Burgoyne-Allen takes a look at an Obama – Rubio convergence on education. The teacher “shortage” seems to move reporters more than it does school districts. A North Carolina Opportunity Culture teacher shares her story.

Bulldog fights bears.

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