April 8, 2016

Who Advises Trump On Education? Plus Reform Movement “Officials” Revealed, Must-Read Dynarski, Opt-Outs, Raimondo Rocks, Ed Research, WA Charters, Teacher Pensions And Social Security, Charters, Farmers, False Klansmen, And It’s Time For Fish Pics!

By Bellwether

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Important Susan Dynarski column looking at racial disparities in gifted education.

Apparently the education reform movement has “officials.” Who knew? Do they get uniforms and insignia and stuff? I hope so.

Officials involved with what has become known as the education reform movement expressed concern over a statement this week by former President Bill Clinton about his wife’s view of mandatory testing.

Maybe at least there are 1980s vintage dictator hats? Otherwise, seems like a waste.

Donald Trump has secret health care advisors who,

Instead, Mr. Clovis said in an interview, Mr. Trump is receiving advice on health care policy from at least a half-dozen “very prominent people,” but he declined to name them. “They are not ready to have their support of the Trump campaign known,” Mr. Clovis said.

Trump says an education speech is coming, is the same thing happening?

Think education research doesn’t matter? Pushback from Ruth Curran Neild. But Rick Hess jumps on AERA just in time for the annual meeting!

Gina Raimondo continues to flash real spine.

Evergreen: Federal teacher prep regs delayed again.  Sawchuk here. Politics K-12 with running updates on the ESSA regulation negotiations.

If you are concerned about having skills that are marketable long term in a rapidly changing economy I might suggest litigating charter school laws in Washington State as something you’d want to look into.

A look at the real teacher pension problems in Illinois.  Because 40 percent of teachers do not participate in Social Security polices like the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset affect them. Leslie Kan with a plain English look at those.  Really just another reason to work to ensure everyone is enrolled in Social Security.

Estimated Prophet: Don Shalvey on why he’s still betting on California. Karin Chenoweth goes personal on opt-outs. Patrick Riccards does, too. Christine Campbell on education and community engagement in Baton Rouge. More on Massachusetts charters debate. Some of what you get rewarded for in school may not help you later. 

Are adult hobbies impacting kids?

It’s time to start sending fish pictures for this blog but please handle ‘em gently!  Here’s a benefit play about farmers and benefiting farmers.

Dude just wanted some frozen yogurt. 

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