March 23, 2016

Who Trumps On Campus? Ed Trust, Detroit, Revisiting Bowling, Korman On Data, Fish Health Care

By Bellwether

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The authoritarians on the left and the right find each other on college campuses…In a really invertebrate display of leadership Emory officials say they will use surveillance footage to ID who wrote “Trump 2016″ around the campus….Jesse Singal:

A college using using security-camera footage to track down and possibly punish students who expressed political speech? The only way to fairly describe that is, well, the only way to fairly describe the spectacle of a Trump rally delivered to a deliriously cheering crowd: extremely creepy, and a sign that something has gone seriously wrong.

Meanwhile, Ed Trust reports on racial disparities and college completion.

The data vacuum on education and justice involved youth.

Revisiting Nate Bowling’s “conversation” post.  Kati Haycock on putting kids at the center of new ESSA policies.

Restructuring Detroit.

Some interesting stuff here, caught between two eras.  Orthodontics. 

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