October 19, 2017

Why Would You Take Education Advice From This Man?

By Bellwether

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Matt Damon is a folk hero in the anti-charter school world, but after the last week I’m left wondering why you’d take educational or parenting cues or really much other advice from this person? I’m sure he’s nice, but he doesn’t really seem to get what’s happening around him, and that applies to schools as well.  I look at that in The 74: 

In other words, his protestations of ignorance seem as disingenuous as his claim that his family, with their exceptional means, had no possible alternative to private school. Still, let’s give Damon the benefit of the doubt and assume he was the one person in the film business who didn’t know what Weinstein was up to. I’m surely not going to take my educational cues, let alone parenting advice, from someone that unaware of what’s happening all around him.

Entire column right here. I might take school advice from Will Hunting, but Jason Bourne seems a risker bet. In any event, who in Hollywood do you take educational advice from? You can tweet me that and your defense of Damon’s acute situational awareness arotherham.

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