March 7, 2017

Will The Senate Stall ESSA Reg Repeal? That Plus David Harris On The Indy Model, Pondiscio On Choice, Trucker Cats, And Valerie Jarrett On Working Across Ideological Lines. More!

By Bellwether

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It’s March 7th! On this date in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell received his patent for the telephone. More recently, in 1965 this date marked the start of the Selma to Montgomery marches during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, more commonly known as Bloody Sunday.

In the education world today that you may have missed:

Good bones! David Harris on what the Indianapolis story might teach the Trump Administration about school choice.

Republican Senator Portman (OH) says slow down on the ESSA rules repeal. 

Department of clarifications: Per yesterday’s mention of a Bloomberg story about left-leaning groups being targeted by hackers for ransom CAP’s CEO Neera Tanden pushes back on the Bloomberg account.

Valerie Jarrett on working across ideological lines to get things done. Panic at the Pondiscio on getting smart about school choice.

In my darker moments I wonder about this.

Trucker cat.

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