July 27, 2021

With A Little Help From Your Friends

By Bellwether

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A few months ago I mentioned the importance of friends, close friends and friends from an array of walks of life besides your own. It’s hard to be good at your work, especially public facing work, if your social status and social life is bound up with it – you can lose your north star and it’s hard to make the difficult calls if everything rides on it. Plus friends are great in a variety of ways.

This new survey on friends is interesting along those lines. Indicates people have fewer of them along with some other findings including around happiness. So we’re online more, have fewer friends, and work more. That doesn’t seem like a healthy mix?

Something I’ve noticed anecdotally is how much work has become a substitute for friends for some people – and how some people look to their workplace for the sort of of activities, interaction, and camaraderie that we traditionally associate more with friends.

No great education takeaways here, though this does seem tied to our purpose crisis more generally.


Also off-edu, the other day I posted a Billy and the Kids show from Red Rocks, here’s night two. This profile of Leon Bridges, like Bridges, is fantastic.

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