October 10, 2023
State Education Finance
By Bellwether

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Education finance sets the foundation for what is possible in every school in the country. Education finance equity is critical to leveling the playing field for marginalized students in under-resourced schools and communities. But in too many states, the education funding system remains inequitable, inadequate, and opaque to all but a few.

Bellwether’s work in state education finance equity aims to change the status quo, state by state, through:

  • Analyses that shape the public conversation on education finance and help advocates and policymakers understand and improve finance policies in their states.
  • Training sessions that equip state advocates with policy knowledge and data modeling skills to unlock the potential for policy reforms.
  • Capacity support to bolster state leaders and advocates on the precipice of enacting big change.

Read our team’s work on this topic below and reach out if we can help your state improve its education finance system.


More from Bellwether

Bellwether’s School Finance Equity R Training 

Bellwether’s annual School Finance Equity R Training builds deep knowledge and capacity among advocates across the country to influence education finance policy at the state level. The training is free for selected participants, and additional grant support is available to cover participants’ time. 

State school funding formulas are a major lever for improving educational equity, but reform of those systems requires deep policy and technical expertise. Bellwether’s training equips state-level advocacy organizations with the policy and technical tools they need to become a trusted authority for modeling potential changes to their state’s school funding formula, primarily using R, an open-source analytic software package. Training participants take part in an intensive series of virtual classes to build data analysis and modeling skills, demystify education funding policy, and accelerate advocacy on behalf of historically underserved students. 

Contact our team at contactus@bellwether.org to be notified when the next round of applications opens in Spring 2024. 

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