Funding and Finance Systems

Leveling the Landscape: An Analysis of K-12 Funding Inequities Within Metro Areas

Alex Spurrier | Bonnie O’Keefe | Biko McMillan

Splitting the Bill: Special Education Briefs

Krista Kaput | Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

Splitting the Bill: A Bellwether Series on Education Finance Equity

Bonnie O’Keefe | Indira Dammu | Linea Harding | Alex Spurrier | Jennifer O’Neal Schiess | Sophie Zamarripa | Krista Kaput

After the Policy Win: First-Year Implementation of Tennessee’s New School Funding Formula

Linea Harding | Carrie Hahnel

Splitting the Bill: A Q&A on School Facilities Funding with Public Policy Institute of California’s Dr. Julien Lafortune

Bonnie O'Keefe

Lasting Change: A Policy Playbook for Improving State K-12 Finance Systems

Indira Dammu | Carrie Hahnel

From Antiquated to Equitable: How Tennessee Overhauled Its State School Funding Formula

Carrie Hahnel | Max Marchitello | Titilayo Tinubu Ali

Fortifying Funding: How States Can Strengthen Education Finance Systems for the Future

Krista Kaput | Bonnie O'Keefe

Making Change: A State Advocacy Playbook for Equitable Education Finance


How Should States Address Local Wealth Inequity in Education Finance?

Indira Dammu

Balancing Act: How States Can Address Local Wealth Inequity in Education Finance

Indira Dammu | Bonnie O’Keefe | Jennifer O’Neal Schiess

Improving Education Finance Equity for English Learners in the Southeast

Indira Dammu | Bonnie O'Keefe

Passing the Bill: How Can States Advance Equitable Education Finance?


Priced Out of Public Schools: District Lines, Housing Access, and Inequitable Educational Options

Alex Spurrier | Sara Hodges | Jennifer O’Neal Schiess

Teacher Retirement Systems: A Ranking of the States

Max Marchitello | Andrew J. Rotherham | Juliet Squire

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021: Analysis of Funding for Education, Children, and Families

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

On a Path to Parity: Equity and Impact of Texas School Funding Policy for School Districts and Charter Schools

Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

From Pandemic to Progress: Eight Education Pathways for COVID-19 Recovery

Bonnie O'Keefe | Alex Spurrier | Jennifer O'Neal Schiess | Hailly T.N. Korman | Melissa Steel King | Allison Crean Davis | Indira Dammu | Juliet Squire | Ashley LiBetti

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