Leveling the Landscape: An Analysis of K-12 Funding Inequities Within Metro Areas

Alex Spurrier | Bonnie O’Keefe | Biko McMillan

Splitting the Bill: Special Education Briefs

Krista Kaput | Jennifer O'Neal Schiess

Students Speak: A 2024 Snapshot of Youth Well-Being in the District of Columbia

Kristen Carroll | Libby Schwaner | Ebony Lambert | Priyanka Patel | Melissa Steel King

After the Policy Win: First-Year Implementation of Tennessee’s New School Funding Formula

Linea Harding | Carrie Hahnel

Secure and Resilient: A Financial Management Guide for Education Nonprofits

Rebecca Gifford Goldberg | Carrie C. Irvin | Liz McNamee | Shruti Nagarajan | Andrew J. Rotherham

On the Same Page: A Primer on the Science of Reading and Its Future for Policymakers, School Leaders, and Advocates

Kelly Robson Foster | Tanvi Kodali | Bonnie O’Keefe | Andrew J. Rotherham | Andy Jacob

Lasting Change: A Policy Playbook for Improving State K-12 Finance Systems

Indira Dammu | Carrie Hahnel

Annual Report 2023


Building Parent Power

Krista Kaput | Kelly Robson Foster | Alex Cortez

Exploring Trends in Teacher Pensions

Chad Aldeman

Make AI Work for Everyone: Underrepresented Students Shouldn’t Be Left Behind

Amy Chen Kulesa | Alex Spurrier

Assembly Grant Program

An Investment, Not a Gamble

Alex Cortez, Paul Beach, Nick Lee, Lynne Graziano, Brian Robinson, and Kateland Beals

Rounding Up: An Analysis of Math Curriculum Effectiveness Studies

Thomas Gold | Kristen Carroll | Leonard D.T. Newby | Melissa Steel King

Levers of Change: How State Policies Support District Innovation

Kelly Robson Foster | Brian Robinson | Titilayo Tinubu Ali

An Assembly of Talent

Linea Koehler, Alex Spurrier, and Juliet Squire

Inclusive Innovation: Eight Districts’ First Year Journey to Creating School Systems for All Learners

Jessica Slaton | Thomas Gold | Priyanka Patel

Education Beyond the Classroom: Parent Demand and Policy Support for Supplemental Learning Options

Michelle Croft | Alex Spurrier | Juliet Squire

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