July 9, 2024

Request for Qualifications: Artificial Intelligence Expert

By Bellwether

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Bellwether is actively working to embed AI throughout the organization. Over the past year we have created a variety of internal AI-related resources, including an AI Playbook that provides a set of guiding principles for how team members can use AI and an AI Use Policy that covers issues such as use, misuse, and data protection and privacy. We also convened an internal AI task force comprising a set of AI “power users” to lead training, communication, and needs identification across the team. To date, the team has received some basic training on using tools like ChatGPT, resulting in base-level knowledge of AI tools across the full Bellwether team.  

Given that context, Bellwether is seeking an external contractor to help us build on and accelerate our progress. The contractor would be responsible for activities including:  

  • Supporting the development of a three-year roadmap for AI implementation at Bellwether. 
  • Identifying the specific tools and technologies that will be associated with the organization’s AI adoption and mapping them to the roadmap.  
  • Promoting and building understanding, awareness, and buy-in for the AI roadmap across the organization.   
  • Engaging with internal teams to understand needs and identify high-impact use cases and opportunities to apply AI across teams and practice areas.  
  • Analyzing workflows, data, and processes to identify areas for AI-driven efficiencies.  
  • Evaluating, selecting, and supporting the implementation of AI tools, models, and solutions that enhance team members’ capabilities.  
  • Designing and supporting change management efforts related to AI adoption across the organization.  
  • Supporting AI pilots and use-case testing across different practice areas.  
  • Providing training and guidance to internal teams.  
  • Capturing learnings from AI pilots to scale and expand adoption across the team.  
  • Providing program- and project-level support for select AI-related activities, ensuring alignment with the overarching vision, strategy, and roadmap.

Read the full Request for Qualifications for more information.

Proposals should be received via the RFQ Submission Portal by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, August 2, 2024. Submissions received any other way will not be considered. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Given Bellwether’s significant internal AI experience and overall expertise in helping organizations grow and change, where exactly are you all feeling stuck? AI is such a new field that it seems your own internal task force might be just as expert as any outside consultant could be.
It’s primarily an issue of capacity on our team to lead this work. Our internal task force only meets for an hour monthly, and it’s made up of team members who are otherwise sold out on client work, meaning that our AI work is often getting put on the back burner. We’re hoping an external contractor will bring devoted time to execute on the tasks laid out in the RFQ and keep things moving regardless of the capacity of the task force and its individual members.

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