January 24, 2018

Durbin & Ward, Synder On Shootings, DI Pops Again, Pensions, And What Do Ho Chi Minh And The Next Massachusetts Education Commissioner Have In Common?

By Bellwether

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Bill Durbin and Tresha Francis Ward talk academic strategy work.  Chad Aldeman on teacher pension plans: Expensive doesn’t mean generous. Hailly Korman on school discipline disparities.

Steve Synder on school shootings.

Do charter schools help other schools?

DI metanalysis.

Ho Chi Minh said that he worked in the kitchen at the Parker House hotel in Boston. Jack Kennedy had his bachelor party there. And on Friday aspirants to be the commonwealth’s next education commissioner will do public interviews there. Jonas reviews the bidding on the Massachusetts commissioner search. Three good choices. Related, Lawrence, Mass, is a legit success story but one that I still haven’t seen fully told in terms of the context and conditions underlying it, which is pretty key to the collaboration narrative.

Emphasis on bathroom bills lessening in states along with culture wars. Not surprising because voters punished politicians in both parties who focused on this stuff more than the economy. Looking forward: This is painful for kids today, but will be a non-issue before long. Why? Demographics. Younger voters just don’t care what bathroom someone chooses to use or how they identify in the first place.

College in 2018 – collaboration or competition?

SUPES Academy and undisclosed payments, sound familiar?

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens (and former Eduwonk guestblogger) certainly has his hands full lately on the scandal front, but it’s hard to see exactly what the news or scandal is here with this Ken Zeff story. In other words, taping your mistress to workout equipment to get leverage on her with pictures is not the real scandal – no, it’s consorting with charter school supporters!

Norah Jones and Keith Richards.

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