April 16, 2018

Portable Pensions, Early Literacy App, Dems Dilemma, Statue Of Limitations On School Writing, Ed Pluralism, More!

By Bellwether

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Max Marchitello on why teachers would benefit from more portable retirement.

Janus inoculation. Look for more of this as well as additional legal wrangling in the wake of the Janus decision – assuming it goes against the union, which seems a safe bet given that the court took the case.

Ashley Brenner on educational pluralism. Worth watching. The kind of questions that don’t get enough air in the back and forth about education today.

Check out this new early literacy app.

The Democratic Party has a structural problem on education – its activist class opposes ideas that the people Democrats claim to want to help support. Short term outcome is stuff like this. Longer term outcome, TBD. It’s not tenable over time. The Dems definitely have one asset going for them though that cannot be overvalued in the current moment: The Republicans.

David Osborne and Emily Langhorne on Texas.

College writing and confirmation hearings.

This is a pretty heavy hitting group of backup singers.

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